1 /fUl/ adjective
1 CONTAINER/ROOM/PLACE ETC also full up if something such as a container, room, or place is full, no more things or people can go in it: a full box of cereal | The class is full, but you can register now for next term.
(+ of): We walked in to find the kitchen full of smoke. | full to the brim (=filled to the top of something): a cup full to the brim with water | full to bursting BrE (=very full): the room was full to bursting
a) including all parts or details: Please write your full name and address on the form. | We have a full range of new cars. | the full story (=everything someone knows about something): I still don't think he's telling us the full story.
b) the highest level or greatest amount of something: Weissman and I are in full agreement on this issue.
3 be full of
a) to feel or express a strong emotion: children full of excitement at Christmas | He's full of guilt about the death of his daughter.
b) to think or talk about one thing all the time: He was full of his plans for travelling around the world. | be full of yourself (=only think about yourself): Brad's all right, but he's a little too full of himself.
c) to contain many things of the same kind: a sky full of stars | His essay is full of mistakes.
a) lasting the whole time: My father spent three full hours trying to explain one problem in my math book.
b) filled with many things to do: I've had a full week. I'm looking forward to staying home tonight.
5 FOOD informal also full up BrE having eaten so much food that you cannot eat any more: No more, thanks. I'm full. | do sth on a full stomach (=do physical activity just after a meal)
6 at full speed as fast as possible: Parker was driving at full speed when he hit the wall.
7 rise to your full height/draw yourself up to your full height to stand up very straight
8 fall/lie full length to fall or lie flat, with your body stretched out
9 CLOTHING a full skirt, pair of trousers etc is made with a lot of material and fits loosely: full sleeves | a dress with a full skirt
10 full marks BrE the highest number of points that you can get for school work
a) a full face, figure, etc is rounded or large in an attractive way
b) used to mean fat when you do not want to offend someone: clothes for the fuller figure
12 in full view of sb so that everybody watching can see everything: The argument happened on stage in full view of the audience.
13 have/lead a full life to do many different and interesting things
14 full flavour BrE, full flavor AmE a pleasantly strong taste: This wine has a wonderful full flavour.
—see also: full­bodied
15 SOUND a full sound is pleasantly loud or strong: the full sound of the cello section
—opposite thin 1 (7)
16 be full of crap/shit taboo spoken used to say that you think what someone is saying is wrong or stupid: Don't listen to Jerry. He's full of crap.
17 in full
a) if you pay an amount of money in full, you pay the whole amount: The debt must be paid in full by 31 January 1998.
b) if you write or copy something in full, you write it in its complete form
18 to the full in the best or most complete way: To appreciate this opera to the full, you should read the story first.
—see also: fully, come/turn full circle circle 1 (7), be full of beans bean 1 (4), at full belt belt 1 (6), (at) full blast blast 1 (4), in full cry cry 1 (8), full member member (1), (at) full pelt pelt 2 (3), be in full swing swing 2 (7), (at) full tilt tilt 2 (1), have your hands full hand 1 (32) 2 adverb directly (+ on/in): The ball struck him full on the chest. —see also: know full well know 1 (19)

Longman dictionary of contemporary English. 2004.

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